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2014 Range Rover to offer V6 and V8 engine variants

2014 Range Rover to offer V6 and V8 engine variants

Feb 19, 2013

2014 Range Rover

When the 2013 Range Rover was introduced, a lot of people were wowed by its complete in-and-out redesign, with the most significant attribute being the 700pound weight savings thanks to its aluminum unibody structure.

Last week, we caught words on the street regarding the upcoming 2014 model. Considering the latest emissions and fuel consumption regulations, it is not a big surprise that the 2014 Range Rover is said to be sporting two engine variants: a Jaguar-Land Rover, 340hp, supercharged V6 for the base and HSE versions, and a 510hp, supercharged V8 for the Supercharged and Autobiography versions.

For the new V6, fuel economy is seen to be 16pmg for city driving and 22mpg in the highway, a 2mpg increase in each category. However, the V6 will take approximately 7.1seconds to sprint from 0 to 60mph, six-tenths of a second slower compared to the V8 engine.

Other changes for the 2014 model include: adjusted pricing for the optional Adaptive Cruise Control, an upgraded rear-seat entertainment package, standard stop/start button for the supercharged V8, and standard Active Rear Locking Differentials, signature LED lights and four-zone climate control across all models.

The 2014 Range Rover will be offered in 3 color variants: Corris gray, Loire blue and Scotia gray.