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How To Make Your Car Last A Lifetime: Part1

How To Make Your Car Last A Lifetime: Part1

Feb 21, 2013


Your car, just like any other mechanical device, needs a lot of TLC than you might think. Hence, it is of utmost important to understand how to take care and maintain your vehicle to keep it running in top-notch condition.  Below we have compiled a comprehensive list of advices, tips, and tricks to prolong the life of your auto to last a lifetime.

  • On the first 1,600km of your car’s life, keep your speed under 80kph or as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Avoid heavy loads such as towing trailers and filling the trunk up to its rated capacity.
  • As much as possible, do not let your car run idle for extended periods, as the oil pressure generated in the engine may not be sufficiently sending oil to every part of the engine. This also helps you save on gas.
  • Do not stress your engine too much by using only light to moderate acceleration, generally below 3,000RPM.
  • Allow your car to warm-up especially during cold weather. Never race your car’s engine especially within 5-10mins after startup.
  • If your car is an automatic, put lesser strain on your engine and transmission by shifting to neutral at red lights on whenever idle for long periods of time.
  • Extend your tire’s life by driving carefully. Observe speed limits, avoid sudden acceleration and deceleration, and avoid potholes and stray objects on the road. Steer clear of curbs especially when parking.
  • Do not hold your steering wheel in an extreme right or left position for prolonged periods of time. This will cause strain to your power steering pump.
  • Consolidate your short driving tips as much as possible. This will not only help you save on gas, it will also keep your engine happier longer.
  • Buy gas at trustworthy and reputable gas stations. Some stations do not have pump filters, or do not replace them regularly, making you more vulnerable to dirty or petrol.
  • Should you be stuck in mud or snow, go easy on your car. Gently rocking your car from side to side is okay. However, repeatedly throwing your car from forward to reverse, or spinning your tires at high speeds, can induce a lot of heat, spelling trouble for your car’s transmission and differentials. It may be wiser to call a tow truck instead.
  • If your car key shares a key chain with a lot of your other keys, try separating them. This will lighten the load on your ignition switch, prolonging its life.