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BMW i3 electric car announced

German car maker BMW has just debuted its first mass-produced electric car officially. The Bavarian electric i3 will be the yardstick of mainstream luxury electric cars, setting the tone and design for future competitions. Apparently, this German eco-friendly vehicle will be priced around $41,350 and $45,200 for pure electric and range-extender version when it hit the US ground, respectively –quite expensive for a small car, so is it worth it? Read on after the break.


Similar to every BMW-designed vehicle, the BMW i3 has the kidney-shaped grille, aluminum chassis and carbon-fiber passenger cell but apparently the interesting parts will be the 170HP electric motor and a high voltage lithium-ion battery that runs the four seater under-the-hood. On a single charge, the company promises that the i3 can run from 80 to 100 miles and can be easily charged through BMW’s special wallbox charger, any public charging station or via a conventional power socket.


There will be also a hybrid version or BMW’s optional range-extender, which is a 2-cylinder 34HP gas engine that will work side by side with the electric motor. As a range-extender the gas engine almost double-up the i3’s mileage to 186 miles but apparently will be worth the aim of eco-friendliness of the luxury e-car.

BMW i3’s top speed will be limited to 93mph or just 150kph to sustain efficiency according to German automaker. Something that might be good for all day city driving.


The i3 will also feature the BMW’s “i Remote” app for both iOS and Android, that will enable users to utilize the handy information about the car’s charge level, battery condition, location and service messages –these are simple yet sometimes became necessity for effective car maintenance.

BMW i3 will be heading first in Germany and other European market later this year with starting price of 34,950 Euros. On the second half of 2014 it will be then available in the US, China and Japan. The US version will have starting price tags at $41,350 or $45,200(with extender motor).

Images Source: BMW Group