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25% off on Car Cleaning Kits

25% off on Car Cleaning Kits

Aug 21, 2013

From the last car deal that we had, if you can remember it —-we featured Philips Luxeon LED Daytime running lights for a very affordable price. Worthy enough for safety and bright car upgrade. Right now, what we have on our car deals section will be the a 25-percent off for most of the bundled car cleaning kits for your rides.

The 25-percent car deal showcase some bundled car cleaning solution from brands like Lexol, Meguiar, Zymol and other known manufacturer.

Here is one of the sample deal we see on the list:


Meguiar’s Complete Car Care Kit

  • Complete car care kit featuring premium-quality products
  • Car Wash Shampoo and Conditioner foams away tough dirt and road grime
  • Gold Class Wax nourishes and enriches paint to create clear, deep reflections and a brilliant shine
  • Tire Protectant provides an extra-long-lasting rich, dark, high gloss shine
  • Quick Interior Detailer gives your interior surfaces that natural, revitalized look in minutes


You can check out the full list of cleaning kits through this link: 25% off on Car Cleaning Kits

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