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700HP Hybrid Audi Quattro Sport e-Tron Concept Surfaces

700HP Hybrid Audi Quattro Sport e-Tron Concept Surfaces

Aug 16, 2013

Who’s going to Frankfurt Motor Show? For those who will, keep your eyes completely peeled with Audi’s hybrid supercar. Ahead of the event, the company teases spectators that they will be unveiling their version of eco-friendly sports car –the Quattro Sport E-tron. Audi hyping already with the concept sketches of the

The Audi Quattro Sport e-Tron will feature a twin-turbo V8, similar with RS6 but the difference will be the mounted electric motor to make it capable of 700HP and a 200MPH-plus top speed. As a hybrid supecar, it can sustain on battery for about 21.7 miles only –apparently that’s a bit short range.

Audi Quattro Sport e-Tron could be something to watch for in the event which is slated on August 21st. How do you feel about the design? The sketch seemed to be sexy enough that you might think this could be the highlight of the event. We have just few more days to wait.