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Basic Car Repair Tips for Lady Drivers

Basic Car Repair Tips for Lady Drivers

Aug 15, 2013

Many ladies get ripped off because of lack of knowledge of the basic car repairs that they can easily do by themselves. Some repairs do not need professionals and can be done which much ease. Learning to do basic car repairs can help you save a lot of money and time that your car would have spent in a repair shop.

When doing any car repair, make sure you have your car manual because it will help you have a better understanding on what you are undertaking. The manual is useful because it will guide you on the tools needed and there sizes.


Oil change

One of the most basic thing you can do is oil change. This requires no experience at all. Oil is changed after a certain mileage which might differ from one car brand to another. All you need for this undertaking are oil filter, ratchet, wrench, funnel, oil container, new oil and oil filter. You should always be cautious not change your car oil immediately after driving because the oil is still hot. You should therefore wait for about three hours so as the oil can cool off.


Air filter

Clogged air filters can lower your car performance. Replacing an air filter shouldn’t give you much of a trouble. Changing your car air filter increases your car power and you achieve more gas mileage. Your car manual will assist you to identify the exact location of your car air filter. With the right tools, you can easily change it.


Worn out windshield wipers

Worn out windshield wipers can be troublesome especially in a wet weather. You can replace the windshield wipers by just using a screwdriver. Unscrew the old wipers and replace them with new wipers and you are good to go.


Damaged headlights

If you are having trouble with your headlights then there is no hurry to visit a repair shop because this is something you can do it yourself. Headlights have a tendency to burn out regularly and having the knowledge to replace them will go a long way in having a good driving experience especially if they burn out and you are in the middle of nowhere. Headlights can either be sealed beam or it may have a replaceable bulb. Either way, you can easily change them by just having a screwdriver and the right bulb or sealed beam for your car. You can also easily clean oxidize headlamps just shown above by spraying a glass cleaning solution like Windex.


Damaged exhaust pipe hangers

Is there an extra noise at the back of your car? This could be a damaged exhaust pipe holder or system. Many car brands use rubber loops to hold the exhaust pipe in place. This rubber loops get damaged over time. Take a look at the bottom of your car to see if there are any broken loops and if any, replace it accordingly.


Flat tire

Having a flat tire is a nightmare for any driver. This can even be harder for lady drivers because they always consider a tire change as a very physical activity. Changing a tire can be pretty ease if you have the right tools with you. You need to park your car away from the road and with a jack and tire changing tools that are always provided by many car manufacturers, you can easily change your car tire.

The most important thing is your safety. Therefore if you do not understand something well, then you should not attempt it. It is always advisable to have dvla telephone number with you in case you need assistance in regard to your car repairs.