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Ferrari to announce 2014 Sauber F1 engine deal

Finally, Ferrari is at the brink of officially welcoming Sauber as its latest continuing F1 customer for its 2014 new powertrains.

 Although the said deal with Sauber has not been publicly confirmed due to commercial pressures surrounding the team, as was the case with Lotus and its expected Renault deal, sources say that there really has never been any doubt that Sauber will not going anywhere else.

Having already lost Toro Russo to Renault, this deal is an important one for Ferrari. Says Stefano Domenicali of Ferrari, “The thing is progressing very well. We want to keep working with Sauber, as you know. Hopefully very soon we will clarify formally the situation with them. That’s the intention.”

Speaking about the recent public relations stunts of Mercedes and Renault with their 2014 powertrains, Domenicali remarked:

“On the engine side, we believe that what has been put out from our competitor is an interesting marketing exercise, but I can guarantee to you that the pictures I have seen are not the engine that will be in the cars next year. If you want we can bet. I’m joking, but you understand what I want to say.”

Domenicali also added that the Ferrari team will be pushing forward with their program. “From the engineering point of view, it’s a really great challenge, and so that is the approach that Maranello, our people, are having in front of this project.”

Once the new 2014 powertrains of these racing powerhouses materialize, it should be plenty interesting how the beasts packing them will fare on the track.