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Philips Luxeon LED Daytime Running Light for just $146

If you’re eying to have your car safety and looks be improved on a single add-ons, you’re on the right page as Amazon.com currently listing Philips LED DayLight 8 Daytime Running Light for just $146 from previous list price of $219.99 that will automatically shred off $73.17 or 33% discount. Check out the full buying details below.

“Philips LED Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) feature an optimized high-power automotive Philips LUXEON Rebel LED technology that projects a powerful bright white light and maximizes energy consumption. At the same time, it appeals to motorists who want to increase their safety while customizing their car with a stylish OE look. The LED DayLight 8 DRLs enables motorists to switch from a halogen to a LED light source during the daytime and reduces the use of the halogen lamps. It lasts more than 10,000 hours thus eliminating the need for maintenance.”

Philips LED Light

Product Specification:

  • High powered Philips Luxeon LED daytime running light
  • Maximum visibility, premium design
  • Premium ultra slim design
  • Easy to install, smart clip-on system and wiring provided
  • DOT compliant
  • Price: $146.82 & FREE Shipping
  • You Save: $73.17 (33%)
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