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Coming this 2015: Toyota’s Newest Hydrogen Car

Coming this 2015: Toyota’s Newest Hydrogen Car

Sep 1, 2013

Toyota has quite a plan. In 2years, the company is planning to develop and mass-produce a mid-sized, four-door sedan that has a driving range of at least 350miles and has zero emissions. Its price tag, a cool £70,000. Ladies and gentlemen, Toyota might just usher in the era of production hydrogen cars.

This is further embodied by the FCV-R concept car that will be showcased by the Japanese manufacturer in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show slated in the coming days. According to company insiders, the said concept car has somehow overcome some of the barriers that once haunted the development of a marketable fuel cell vehicle.


Under the hood of the FCV-R is a fuel cell configuration that is capable of producing approximately 4bhp to a liter. Such capacity is one of the highest-ever power output density ever recorded in the world for such technology, making the concept really a plausible possibility. Together with a high pressure hydrogen tank and a 21kW battery to store energy, the FCV-R surely seems to hold Toyota’s grand hydrogen-powered future.

More so, the FCV-R concept just measures 35mm longer than an average Avensis sedan, with the fuel cells stacked neatly underneath the floor. What’s better, due to improved technology behind the cells, the number of fuel tanks required were reduced by as much as 50%. All in all, what this means for the average consumer is that the possibility of having zero tailpipe emissions, except of course the water vapour the hydrogen fuel cells produced, is slowly coming into reality.

Asked about its vision, Toyota believes that by 2020, hydrogen cars will be replacing a huge chunk of today’s petrol powered vehicles. The start of it all should happen as early as 2015, with the company hoping sell its production hydrogen car for £70,000 or less.