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LA Auto Show: Meet the seductive Kia K900

LA Auto Show: Meet the seductive Kia K900

Dec 3, 2013

Korea’s second largest automobile manufacturer, Kia, made waves in the recent Los Angeles Autoshow with the introduction of its luxury full-sized sedan, the K900. Originally called the K9 flagship luxury sedan, the Seoul-based company renamed the vehicle to K900 to avoid associations by the English-speaking marketing to what else, but canine. Not to mention studies show in the U.S., alphanumeric names have stronger recall among customers.

And it was certainly a good step, because their entry to the luxury market deserves more than instant recall due to its dog associations. The K900 does a wonderful job making people forget Kia has always been known for economy cars. Lagging behind its fellow Korean automobile company, Hyundai, Kia is now taking measures for the market to pay attention to them as well.

The K900 is making people talk as it enters a market segment competitive in its line-up of 5-series, E-Class, Lexus and BMW’s. What is even better is that Kia manages to approach this change in their line-up of products seamlessly, as if twenty years ago, this was the same automobile company offering the Sephia.

While the K900 draws inspiration (and definitely comparisons) from Hyuandia’s own premium sedan, the Equus, Kia’s flagship luxury car holds its own ground. The car boasts of a 5.0-liter Tau V-8 engine to deliver 420 horsepower, but also comes with a 3.8 liter Lambda V-6 Engine option which is similarly used by Hyundai’s own Genesis sedan, and which will deliver around 311 horsepower. The K900’s wheelbase, and the width of its front and rear tracks, are borrowed from the Equus, and enables the K900 to provide a luxurious rear seating arrangement which includes heading, ventilation, reclining and massaging functions.

Kia’s luxury sedan makes its own statement through the opulent interiors of the car. Twin LCD monitors and a 900-watt, 17-speaker Lexicon audio system, including a centerfill and inverted subwoofer, is featured in the K900. The sedan’s infotainment system is certainly something to brag about, most of which can be controlled through the Driver Information System controller in the center console. Kia is looking to implement its first full-color head-up display for speed as well with the flagship luxury sedan.

Bluetooth connectivity is also available, along with Sirius/XM satellite programming and HD RadioTM. Safety features include adaptive LED headlights lane-departure and blind-sport warning systems, active cruise control and 4-Camera Around View Monitor system.

Expect the Kia K900 to go one sale during the first quarter of 2014, with base prices expected to be around the $50,000 range.