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McLaren P13 teaser sketch surfaces

McLaren P13

McLaren had just outed a sketch of its upcoming entry-level sports coupé under the moniker of P13. The new baby McLaren is teased to be debuted at the Paris Motor Show in October 2014 and we are just waiting it to be officially announced which seemed to be confirmed by McLaren head designer Frank Stephenson.

Stephenson also added that the P13 will feature same MonoCell carbon-fibre chassis from the MP4-12c and P1 but will be smaller, lighter and favorably much cheaper. McLaren was able to reduce the cost utilizing a detuned 3.8-litre biturbo V8, rated at 331kW, so basically the P13 will be less powerful than 12c and P1.

McLaren P13

The interesting thing about the upcoming P13 will be its direct targeted market which will be in the range of 911 turbo.

Though there will be less power and sophistication, the P13 will be available in competitive starting price of £120 000 and that’s well cheaper than its brothers —-with £210,000 and £886,000 for the MP4-12c and P1, respectively. Production of P13 is expected to commence by 2Q of 2015 once the production of 375 P1’s is finished.