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Detroit Auto Show: All-New Aluminum Ford F-Series

Ford Atlas Concept

This 2014 could be the year for epic truck showdown, first to heat up the floor would be Ford’s lighter F-150. Lighter when its body feature aluminum that will be the latest attraction for the latest F-Series.

We are looking at Detroit Auto Show (NAIAS 2014) as the perfect event to debut the all-new Ford’s F-Series. If the rumors will be true, we are now just few days away on having the big truck to be shown off in the event.

There’s a load-lightening trend on big trucks like the all-new Range Rover and upcoming Audi A7 that’s approximately 800 pounds, and seemed the all-new F-150 will pilot the trend from Ford’s lineup. This will significantly improve the performance and mileage of F-150, ooh, how about a lighter body paired with its EcoBoost?

With just days away, let us wait till this all-new F-Series hits the event floor of Detroit Auto Show.