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Sponsored Video: All-new 5-Door Peugeot 308 Hatchback

Sponsored Video: All-new 5-Door Peugeot 308 Hatchback

Jan 9, 2014

Today’s compact cars feature higher-quality materials than ever, equipped with futuristic design and technologies, and often come supported by an ownership experience that relatively translate to label the brand as trusted. With Peugeot’s initiative to design a car that will be like new after three years of driving it, the auto maker finally reveal the all-new 5-door hatchback —-Peugeot 308.

The market was currently dominated by Volkswagen and Ford with its compact cars such Golf and Focus, respectively —-not to mention the high-quality Korean compact cars, with Kia and Hyundai that makes it even interesting. The previous Peugeot 308 models struggles in the hatchback compact class when faced with Volkswagen’s Golf, however, Peugeot newest 308 looks like a more impressive package.

The compact car segment has been popularly known for its efficiency and boot space which seemed Peugeot main design focus with the new 308. On efficiency, the improved aerodynamics from its fluid body and reduced weight to stunning 140kg compared from its previous 308 models aims to further enhance efficiency. Under the hood, it’ll be powered by a 1.6-litre e-HDI diesel engine which is capable of 100g/km of CO2, meaning it’s exempt from road tax, but notably the upcoming BlueHDi which claims even better economy figures, returning a claimed 91mpg.

How about the boot capacity of the new Peugeot 308? There’s a 490-liter boot capacity including the two under-floor storage compartments.

On the front dashboard, there’s an elegant inter-active touchscreen in hexagonal layout and there aren’t too many buttons. It’s visually appealing but you need to get used to its sub-menus just to alter the cabin temperature.

There are still no words on the pricing and availability of the all-new Peugeot 308 but expects it to be closely match from its competitors.

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