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2015 Hyundai Genesis priced competitively starting $38,000

The Korean Automaker Hyundai had just officially revealed the pricing details for its 2015 Hyundai Genesis that deserves a competitive look versus its German competitions. Considering the fluid design in-out of the vehicle –you may take its own new level elegance worth it for its starting price.

The all-new 2015 Hyundai Genesis will be starting at only $38,000. So do you think this is competitive enough to go on with the known luxury German brands?

The new Genesis’ price had a slight increase over the previous model however, there’s a tight competition on the range of this vehicles.

Giving you a quick insight on its available upgrades, check out the gallery below for the official pricing.

Pricing Gallery

If ever you think and you’re planning to drive a new Genesis, let us know how do you feel at the comment form below.