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The invisible car by Jaguar Land Rover [Video]

Luxury car maker Jaguar Land Rover has just unveiled a new technology that uses augmented reality which allows drivers to see the road under the front of the car —-thus, making the vehicle invisible virtually.

The Jaguar Land Rover’s Transparent Bonnet is a virtual imaging concept that utilizes cameras positioned in the grille that feeds an image into the windshield through a Head-Up Display. The setup shows a “transparent” view of the ground under the bonnet and engine bay. This will basically provides visibility what underneath the front of the car and prevent any mishap for hidden obstacles from the toughest off-road or even in more urban routes. You can check out the video below and let us know how do you feel.

Now the last time we are excited about the New York International Auto Show was about the BMW M4 Convertible and 2015 Hyundai Genesis —-the Discovery Vision Concept could be a show stealer, specifically if we’ll be talking about car technology. Hold on, the even will be by next week, April 16th.