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Google introduces its own driverless car

Google‘s attempt to introduce self-driving cars just came a step closer, with the introduction of its brand new model.

The number one search engine in the world has been searching for the correct link between the need for public transportation and user convenience. Abolishing the previous Toyota Prius and Lexus RX underpinnings, this latest design was fully designed by Google themselves.

Upon stepping inside the cabin, most will immediately notice the missing steering wheel, pedals and gearstick. The reason being that this prototype is a fully autonomous machine, that requires no physical input from the occupants. You certainly won’t need a search engine to tell you how this will decrease drink and driving.

Speeding will also never prove to be an issue, with a top speed of 25mph (40km/h). Whilst aggravatingly slow, Google have taken it upon themselves to equip the computerized basic transportation device with a roll cage. A rally car it certainly is not, although consideration has clearly been made towards safety. Safety is a rather explicit issue, according to comments on motoring.com.au, which flag concern for what happens should the system crash and control is lost. With the omission of a steering wheel, we can only hope that occupants can frantically press Control + Alt + Delete to avoid any major catastrophes.

Google reassures us that their software, powered by GPS, is faultless and accurate. Cameras and sensors will guide the vehicle to the location, avoiding any obstacles with a vision of around 220 metres. Users can simply input their destination on the touch screen and press Enter. The interior is hinted to not be the height of luxury or practicality though, with only two seats and a crude layout.

A Detroit-based manufacturer has produced 100 prototypes for testing in a US pilot scheme. Time will tell if Google has found the missing link.