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Harley-Davidson introduced its first electric motorcycle

Harley-Davidson Electric Motorbike

 If you heard about Lightning LS-218, then you knew that it’s the fastest production electric superbike in the world —-gladly the iconic Harley-Davidson has just made its first-ever electric motorcycle of its own.

The company has just unveiled its first motorcycle that is capable of 0 to 60 mph in just four seconds. It’s a daring sleek, futuristic and sounded like a jet plane taking off the runway.

However, the superbike isn’t in production yet, and Harley-Davidson have just sent an invitation-only event to test its prototype to gather feedback to further improve the motorcycle. Apparently, we still need to wait few more years before a electric-Harley hit the road of earth friendliness.

Harley-Davidson Electric Motorbike

There’s a risk on this venture as there are no significant market for full-size electric motorcycles but if you’re thinking of the future with credible background on the motorcycle developments, Harley has the right marketing power to create demand, technology that can go beyond gas-fueled motorbikes and build charging stations.

There are also common hurdle on the development, that’s the battery life and charging speed –approximately it should be recharged after about 130 miles and should only take half or an hour. Expect improvements on these areas later on, as we are sure Harley will do its best to keep itself on-top of its motorcycle class and market.