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Sponsored Video: Citroën C4 Cactus

Touch me not for a dessert Cactus but for Citroën and its newly announced C4 Cactus it will dare you to not just touch but ask you to explore its striking aesthetics, style, innovations and world first exclusive features of a modern car.

There are several key features you would love about the C4 Cactus:

  • Stylish, functional design: expressive light signature, 4 colours, 21 combinations
  • Airbump®: a world exclusive
  • Compact but spacious: boot capacity of 358 litres
  • Open, welcoming interior: bright and friendly
  • Useful technologies: intuitive, simple to use and easy to drive
  • Exceptional fuel economy up to 91.1mpg efficient and eco-friendly: with emissions as low as just 82g/km of CO₂

Its head-turning design which is stylish and functional, look at C4’s expressive light signature which have 4 colors in 21 combinations.

The modern car also features a technology called Airbump, these are panels that blend distinctive style with innovative function. These so called Airbump panels protect your car from minor everyday bumps and scrapes, while adding to your Citroën C4 Cactus’ eye-catching design.

The C4 Cactus is a compact car yet it massively takes boot capacity of 358 litres. The interior also shows lively and bright ambiance paired with useful and intuitive technologies making the car really friendly and fun to drive.

All of these features plus exceptional fuel efficiency, what could you ask more? The C4 is capable of 91.1mpg and environment-friendly with just 82g/km of CO₂.

This post has been sponsored by Citroën, but concerns our own opinion.