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Sponsored Video: Save your wiper blades on winter

Truly an iconic brand in the automotive industry, Bosch carries undeniable reputation on its products for its technology, design and durability. Talking about one of the most basic yet important car accessories —-the wiper blades, Bosch’s blades can truly save lives during rainy or snowy weather conditions. There are three Bosch’s wiper blades that stand out due to beam technology:

  • ICON Wiper Blades
  • Evolution Wiper Blades
  • Clear Advantage Wiper Blades

As winter approaches, David can tell you how well these wiper works through Bosch’s commercial video above!

One of these technologically designed wipers could be your next upgrade, so we’d like to give you some instant tips on the proper maintenance of your car wiper blades. During snowy conditions, ice can accumulate on your windshield and if you’re in a hurry you may decide to use your wipers instead of your ice scraper. Do not use your wiper blades to scrape off the ice on your front window though, doing so can damage the motor, bend the arms or even rip off the wiper blades in the process. A simple thought why it’s called windshield “wiper” and not “scraper” blades.

Now if you’re out and snowy weather is in forecast, make a simple precaution of lifting your wiper blades up off of the windshield. When build up of snow or ice is in your front window, start your car and allow for the windshield to defrost before using your ice scraper – if you think the wiper blades can operate smoothly then turn them on to clear the front glass.

Let us know if these tips are helpful or if you’re already doing these steps – it would be great if you can share other tips.

This post has been sponsored by Bosch, but all thoughts are our own.