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Ferrari teases new model debut this September

Exclusive to Ferrari owners, a teaser image has been released for a possible new model come next month. The teaser image features a sketch of the potential new model with moniker ‘Icona Ferrari’. The date mentioned on the teaser poster is September 17th, perfectly timed for Ferrari’s Capital Markets Day where keynote from new CEO Louis Camilleri is expected to reveal the car maker’s strategy for the next five years. 

Decoding the image filename, hinted for a model ‘Ferrari F176’ which could possibly be the codename for the new model coming next month. Reports suggest that this new model could be based from the limited supercar 812 Superfast, however, the Italian car maker is still mum of its details. Another rumor also suggest that this new model will commemorate the 70 years of Ferrari 166 Inter(you can connect the filename of Ferrari F176 here, if you wish), partially confirming the Superfast-based model.

The Italian sports car maker’s 5-year plan will for sure shed some lights or if ever, intro the new model. We’ll keep you posted.